John Wiens is currently our Director of Music at SMAA. Because we are an Anglican “high church”, we have many options available to us. We almost always sing a chant mass which is a cornerstone of church repertoire: Missa Orbis Factor, Missa de Angelis, and Missa Lux et Origo, for examples. We have a cantor who leads the singing, and an organist who supports the music.

Another cornerstone of the High Anglican repertoire are the “propers”: the Introit, Gradual (or Tract), Alleluia, Offertory, and Communion sentences. They are always sung, which helps us create a real chant continuity in our services. The whole congregation chants at a good pace, allowing for us all to express our piety.

Finally, we have a choir that appears at church about half the time. It is a small schola of four singers who rotate as needed, including the following singers: myself, Jane Fingler, Jereme Wall, Margaret Carey, Matthew Knight, Paul Wiens (my brother), Andrew Balfour, Angela Neufeld, Krystle Peters, and Sara Clefstad. This wonderful cast of singers means that we never have a dull moment when the choir is in the building singing largely Masses from 1550 – 1600.