Our Christian journey begins with Baptism. Holy Baptism, in which the candidate is immersed in water (or has water poured over them) “in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” is the rite of initiation into the Christian Church. A person may be baptized at any age. When you come to it as an adult, it is a transformative moment, involving both conversion and commitment. In Baptism we enter into a new relationship with God in Christ. We now share in his death so that we may share in his resurrection. In Baptism, we join the family of Christians, and are commissioned as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Baptism should not be undertaken lightly.
While the Anglican Church affirms that Baptism is intended for adults, we also readily baptize the children of active members of the congregation.
In Baptism we promise (or our godparents promise for us) to live a new life in relationship with God, to follow Christ and to keep His commandments. We promise to participate in the life of the Church, and to share our Christian faith by word and example. The godparents promise to help the candidate to “grow into the full stature of Christ.”
While new parents will often choose ‘godparents’ for their child, the official Sponsors or Godparents for the rite of Baptism must themselves be baptized Christians, and able to make the promises required. Their number may not exceed three. (BCP, p.522)
Except in extenuating circumstances, the rite of Baptism takes place before the principal Sunday Mass.
Those who feel drawn to the waters of Baptism, either for themselves or for their child, should contact the Rector.